Mount Victoria, Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand

Mount Victoria Lookout Walk

Mount Victoria is one of Devonport’s famous landmarks. It’s easily accessible by foot and the walk typically takes around 10-20 minutes – depending on how many times you stop and admire the views!
On foot from the Devonport Wharf, Mount Victoria can be reached by following Devonport’s high street, Victoria Road. The high street is lined with boutique shops and cosy cafes, perfect for a quick break or some retail therapy.
Towards the top of the main street near Victoria Picture Palace (found on the right hand side) Victoria Road turns slightly towards the left, you will want to take the road to the right- Kerr Street. Walk across Kerr Street to the left hand side where you will come across the main entrance up to Mt Victoria. New Zealand location . Follow the road upwards to the summit.
The summit can also be reached by mini-coach, Segway, bike and car. If you’re driving please note that there is limited parking.
Mount Victoria is known to the Māori as Takarunga. The mountain was once a Maori pā (Maori village or defence settlement) and pā terraces and pits can still be seen on the mountains’ upper slopes today. Mount Victoria was later developed by Europeans as a military position for an expected Russian invasion.
In your journey up the summit road you will see the Signalman’s House on the left. The Signalman’s House was used in the past to inform residents about the arriving and departing ships. Many houses in the Devonport area were built to provide a direct line of site to the signal station so the inhabitants could easily read the flags.
Whilst the first signalmen lived in a tent or hut, later a Victorian styled villa was built to house the signalman and his family. The last signalman to live in this villa passed away in 1943. Today the Signalman’s House is home to the Michael King Writer’s Centre, which both supports and promotes New Zealand literature.
At the summit of Mount Victoria you’ll find one of Devonport’s disappearing guns, one of only a few left in the world. Historically, Mt. Victoria has a number of artillery emplacements and various concrete bunkers, one of which is now a music venue for the Devonport Folk Club.
Dotted around the summit of Mount Victoria you will also come across a colourfully painted mushroom field. These mushrooms are in fact the vents for a water pumping station which lies underneath the surface of the mountain.
Loved by locals and visitors, Mount Victoria is one of the best vantage points in all of Auckland. Enjoy spectacular views of the Auckland City Skyline and the stunning Waitemata Harbour – have your camera ready!



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