Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand
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Devonport Audio Tour

Discover the sights and sounds of Auckland’s historic seaside village with a self-guided Devonport Audio Tour.

The streets come alive as you uncover Devonport’s unique role in New Zealand’s history.


The Devonport Audio Tour takes approximately 90 minutes to complete depending on your walking speed and how long you spend at each scenic location. Throughout the tour you will uncover:

  • Fascinating facts
  • Grisly tales
  • Maritime stories

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Picturesque Devonport village is great for exploring by foot. On the Devonport Audio Tour you will experience Devonport from three scenic perspectives:

  • The waterfront
  • The side streets
  • The summit of Mount Victoria

Discover 27 Sites & Stories with a Devonport Audio Tour

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Maori History Trail

FAMILY FRIENDLYThe Maori History Trail is a great introduction to the unique indigenous history of Devonport and its links to the settlement of Maori in Auckland. Discover the landing site of one of the first Maori Wakas to New Zealand, two Maori pā sites and the grave of esteemed Maori Chief Eru Patuone.

Fort Takapuna Devonport

FAMILY FRIENDLYFort Takapuna is a lookout point and bunker defence site and the last of the New Zealand designed twin 6 inch gun forts in existence. The fort is below ground level as originally a dry moat surrounded the fort on all sides, with a drawbridge to provide access.

Devonport Military History Trail

FAMILY FRIENDLYNamed after the Devonport naval base in England, Devonport is home to the Royal New Zealand navy and is rich in maritime history. The Military History Trail is the perfect introduction to Devonport’s historical connections with the military service and one of a kind views from Devonport’s unique military strong points.
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