• Experience cinematic history

    Catch a Hollywood blockbuster or an art-house film at The Vic. First opened in 1912, Devonport’s historic cinema and local landmark also showcases live performances from emerging kiwi talent.
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  • New Zealand’s sea warriors

    Devonport’s naval heritage dates back to the 1840’s and is proudly showcased at the Navy Museum at Torpedo Bay. North Head and Fort Takapuna also feature fascinating maritime heritage.
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Take a journey through history and discover Devonport’s fascinating heritage. Famed for its villas from the Victorian era, Devonport also boasts the earliest purpose-built cinema that’s still in existence in the Southern Hemisphere.

Named after the Devonport naval base in England – Devonport is home to the Royal New Zealand navy. Rich in maritime history, Devonport is home to the highly acclaimed Navy Museum at Torpedo Bay. Culture vultures will love seeing a gig at the historic Bunker on Mount Victoria and history buffs will enjoy exploring the Devonport museum.

Devonport Audio Tour

HISTORY & CULTURE Discover the sights and sounds of Auckland’s historic seaside village with a self-guided Devonport Audio Tour. The streets come alive as you uncover Devonport's unique role in New Zealand's history.

Devonport Tours

HISTORY & CULTURE Devonport Tours are the perfect way to explore the highlights of Devonport seaside village, with informative commentary from one of our friendly and knowledgeable guides. Devonport tours offers two tour packages: The Explorer Tour and The Lunch Tour.

Maori History Trail

HISTORY & CULTURE The Maori History Trail is a great introduction to the unique indigenous history of Devonport and its links to the settlement of Maori in Auckland. Discover the landing site of one of the first Maori Wakas to New Zealand, two Maori pā sites and the grave of esteemed Maori Chief Eru Patuone.

Fort Takapuna Devonport

HISTORY & CULTURE Fort Takapuna is a lookout point and bunker defence site and the last of the New Zealand designed twin 6 inch gun forts in existence. The fort is below ground level as originally a dry moat surrounded the fort on all sides, with a drawbridge to provide access.

Devonport Military History Trail

HISTORY & CULTURE Named after the Devonport naval base in England, Devonport is home to the Royal New Zealand navy and is rich in maritime history. The Military History Trail is the perfect introduction to Devonport’s historical connections with the military service and one of a kind views from Devonport’s unique military strong points.

Devonport History Trail

HISTORY & CULTURE The History Trail is a must-do for history buffs or those wanting to further explore the fascinating history of one of Auckland’s oldest areas. Discover two volcanic cones, iconic Devonport architecture and historic sites and memorials dedicated to commemorating Devonport’s unique role in New Zealand history.
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